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A little throwback to the internet of old. The good old days when folks would have a home page. This is mine with some random links to things I like or find useful. I am finding myself editing this today, and removing old links to my Friendster page and the comics-sans font. I am sure next time I will update it might be in a few years so I will try to keep things somewhat timeless this time.

If you need to reach me you can go to my LinkedIn page and send a message and send a message. Or text me at two one five three nine seven two nine three seven and I will call you back.

So here are some things I would love to share:

Some links and things

Poppy Beagle Shkedy - the most popular Shkedy

Adored by all humans, feared by all rabbits

A beagle with tilted head

My Favorite Podcasts

My Playlists

The Shkedy family waiting for dinner 2023

The Shkedy Family Selfie in Narberth

Tech Projects or sites I have been coming back to for years

  • Nerd Vittles- I have a long love affair with IP based phones and Asterisk. This site has a custom PBX distributions that I use every few years on different devices.
  • PfSense - this open source firewall has been an old faithful, I have built and configured custom appliances based on this platform as well as bought some from the company.
  • Pi-hole - DNS based ad blocking that you can install on a Raspberry Pi
  • Kali Linux - it's a fun linux distro when you want to do some penetration testing.
  • Ventoy bootable USB - I always like Bootable images when I need to install Windows, boot to Kali or other live CD, with Ventoy you can have multiple ISOs on one USB drive and boot from a menu.
  • Lenny - if I get an unsolicited call to my office I will always transfer them to Lenny. I have hours of voice recordings of Telemarkers talking to an automated bot.

Things I always install on a PC

Not mentioning the obvious ones like Visual Sutdio Code, office etc.

  • IrfanView - a small and quick image viewer/resizer converter
  • NotePad++ - a great text editor
  • Papercut-SMTP - a desktop tool to test and debug your SMTP messages.
  • Paint.Net - a simple image editing program, the site is a bit annoying to navigate with all the ads

The Shkedy family in LA winter break 2022

The Shkedy Family Selfie with Sunset
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